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Chalet De Ravers
Rental Conditions

Rental conditions Chalet De Ravers.



The person who concludes the rental agreement is liable for all payments. He is also liable for damage caused by him, fellow tenants, pets or any guests, even if this damage is established after his departure from the chalet. The chalet must be occupied by the tenant and his fellow residents with the required care, taking into account the tranquility of the environment. Do not cause noise nuisance to your neighbors after 11 p.m., if the police intervene, after complaints, the full deposit will be revoked.


Reservation and price

A reservation is made via the website and after a confirmation email from  It is only valid from the moment that Ardennes Chalets has received 30% of the rent. Paying this means that the tenant has taken cognizance of and agrees with the rental conditions mentioned here and the complete description of the house that he has rented. The valid prices are only those shown on the website and in your contract. Old prices on advertising sites are no longer valid. The prices of the chalet are calculated per weekend, midweek, week or for periods of certain holidays.  VAT is not applicable here. When making a reservation, we always ask you to fill in your details (name, address, mobile phone and bank account number to which the deposit can be refunded). This way, Ardennes Chalets can draw up the contract. The 30% of the rent to be paid must be made within 8 days of the contract date.


Payment of the rent and keys

The full amount of the rental price plus the costs and options must be received by Ardennes Chalets no later than 2 weeks before the start of the stay in the holiday home. If this has not taken place, the tenant will receive an email with the request to pay the remainder within 3 working days. If this does not happen, this will be seen as a cancellation of the rental by the tenant and the cancellation conditions apply. Ardennes Chalets then has the right to offer the relevant holiday home for rental again. If the reservation takes place less than 3 weeks before the start of the rental period, payment of the full rental price, costs and options and the deposit must be paid immediately. If the reservation takes place within 2 weeks before the start of the rental period, you must e-mail the proof of payment. About 1 week before the rental period, the route plan and the latest guidelines regarding obtaining the key will be sent/emailed.


When reserving the rental period, 30% of the rental price is paid within 8 days of the contract date. The remaining balance is payable at the latest 2 weeks before the rental date. The amount of the deposit is stated on the rental contract and will be refunded in accordance with the law within 2 weeks after receipt of the meter readings correctly noted by the tenants, less the costs in the event of extremely high consumption of gas/water/electricity or of the internet. The extra costs for going to the container park by Ardennes Chalets and the repair of any damage found to the house or the furniture are also deducted from the deposit.


Additional costs

The consumption of electricity is at the expense of the tenant. The tenant himself takes the readings of the counters at the beginning (before installing the electricity!) and the end of the rental period. Consumption is deducted from the deposit. The fuse box is in the garage, where you put the switch.



People and pets

The chalet provides sleeping accommodation for a maximum of 8 people. More people are not allowed! Neither are tents, caravans or motorhomes. If this number is exceeded, 25% of the rent per extra person will be charged and will be deducted from the deposit.
A maximum of 4 pets are welcome, but we do not tolerate animals in couches, chairs or in the bedrooms. When establishing a violation of this rule, Ardennes Chalets will deduct 30 euros from the deposit for the extra costs involved in cleaning up. Dog droppings in the garden must be removed.
We decline all responsibility when a pet escapes and causes damage. 
Dogs should be treated against ticks and fleas!
During walks, please always clean up the dog feces.  



The guidelines for obtaining the key will be sent/emailed to you 1 week before the rental date. Please read the present guidelines carefully to avoid problems. After your stay, the electricity levels must be noted on the provided document and handed over to the managers together with the keys.



Pillows and duvets are available in the chalet. Tenants must provide themselves with sheets or duvet covers and pillowcases. A bottom sheet and pillowcase is also required when using a sleeping bag. There is a mattress protector on our mattresses, you should always put your bottom sheet over this. Our pillows are usually protected with pillowcases from us.

You need to do your own pillowcase on this.

We regularly wash our protectors. If someone has accidentally soiled it, please inform us so that we can change it during the final inspection.

Cleaning of mattress protector: € 5

Cleaning of duvet: € 15


Arrival and departure

The arrival at the chalet normally takes place on;

Midweek = from Monday 4 pm to Friday 10 am

Weekend = from Friday 4 pm to Monday 10 am 

Week = from Friday 4 pm to Friday 10 am OR from Monday 4 pm to Monday 10 am

No furniture may be moved, so no beds either!

All loose-leaf information or information on the website regarding the chalet, its layout, furniture or facilities is provided in good faith. If there is a change in this between the time of reservation and the start of the rental period, Ardennen Chalets will inform the tenant about this, but Ardennen Chalets cannot be held responsible for this. If, in spite of everything, the information regarding the chalet, the layout, the furniture, or the facilities turns out to be incorrect, the tenant must immediately inform Ardennes Chalets, so that it can make the necessary repairs.



There is a general smoking ban in the chalet. Have respect for the inmates and the tenants who come after you.


Final cleaning on departure

Payment for the cleaning is mandatory. We ask that you leave the chalet broom clean. That means;
- Pans, crockery and cutlery should be washed and put back in their place.
- Clean the barbecue and grills after use.
- Empty and clean all trash cans and trash cans in kitchen, bathrooms and toilets.
- Dispose of all household waste separately (as prescribed) in the duo-container in accordance with the waste policy of Durbuy/Barvaux. Take PMD, paper and cardboard to a container park or take it home.
- Glass can be brought to the glass container in the Carrefour, SPAR car park or to the container park in the direction of Hotton.
- Cleaning the BBQ and grill
- remove ashes from the wood-burning stove
- cleaning up dog poop in the yard.
- Close all windows and exterior doors.  Close curtains.
- Leave all interior doors open for ventilation.
- Empty the refrigerator and set it to "zero". Open the door with a kitchen sponge in between.
- The electric tap and water tap are NOT shut off.
- In winter, set all electric heating appliances to 'zero'.
- Always check carefully that you have not forgotten anything. (cell phone chargers, clothes, shoes,  …) then discard and write off the electricity.

It is pleasant to enter a neat chalet. Please always respect the chalet and the material. If equipment is missing or damaged after your stay, the necessary costs will be deducted from your deposit. If there is a problem / damage / dissatisfaction upon arrival, please contact the administrators immediately, after that you have no more recourse.



The waste must be separated and sorted. The city of Durbuy is extremely strict in terms of waste policy. Regular checks ensure that the regulations are complied with. During checks, they even cut open the plastic bags that come from the kitchen. If the rules are not respected, they will issue fines of €250. Hence: “Sorting is the message”. Compostable food scraps are allowed in the small bin of the duo container. Residual waste in the large bin.
What does not belong in it:
- glass -> glass container in the Carrefour, SPAR, DEMA car park
- paper and cardboard: -> container park or take it back home
- plastic bottles, tetra cans, cans, etc. -> container park or take it home.
NEVER PLASTIC IN THE FRONT GREEN PART OF THE TRASH BIN. Residual waste in the second (rear) part of the waste bin, preferably in transparent plastic bags.

If Ardennes Chalets has to drive to the container park or sort the duo box again in order to avoid a fine, 75 euros will be deducted from the deposit.


Use of the Internet

Ardennes Chalets offers FREE wireless internet in the chalet. This is intended for daily use.  The maximum usage for a weekend is 4 GB, for a midweek 5 GB and for a week 9 GB. If exceeded, an additional 3 euros/GB will be paid with a minimum of 5 euros. Ardennes Chalets will deduct those from the deposit and will email the proof of higher consumption status.


Cancellation by the tenant

Any cancellation must be reported to Ardennes Chalets by email. Advances are never refunded.

When changing a reservation, an administrative fee of 15 euros will be charged.

If the tenant does not use the holiday home or leaves it before the end of the rental period, no compensation will be made.

Cancellation by Ardennes Chalets

If due to unforeseen circumstances Ardennes Chalets has to cancel a rental agreement, the tenant will be informed immediately and the rental money will be refunded.  



Ardennes Chalets cannot be held responsible for any disruption or inconvenience during your stay in the chalet, if this is the result of unforeseen events. Ardennes Chalets cannot be held responsible for inconveniences caused by the work of third parties, such as the municipality, province, etc. Nor can Ardennes Chalets be held responsible for interruption of water and electricity if this is the result of force majeure. Ardennes Chalets declines any responsibility for loss, theft or damage to luggage, personal belongings or vehicle and for costs resulting from not reaching the holiday home on time. The swing may only be used by children. Ardennes Chalets cannot be held responsible in case of accidents.
Dog owners remain fully responsible for their pet, even if the dog escapes from the fenced yard.


Complaints and Disputes

No complaint will be processed if it is not reported by telephone within 24 hours after taking possession of the holiday home and followed by an email. The same rule applies if something serious happens during your stay in the holiday home. If it is not possible to reach an agreement, the tenant must have the complaint verified by an expert, a bailiff or a civil-law notary, in order to obtain an objective opinion. The present contract has been drawn up and must be interpreted in accordance with Belgian law. All disputes that may arise from this contract fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Belgian court.

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